Registration Policy

PNINA Registration Policies and Procedures for Registering Domains under the .ps ccTLD

1. Definition of Terms

  • Domain: a domain refers to an Internet domain
  • CcTLD: refers to the Country Code Top Level Domain. For Palestine, ccTLD is ps
  • Registry: a registry is an organization occupied with the registration of domain names into a special database, namely, the registry database. The Palestinian registry is referred to the Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority, hereinafter, as PNINA.
  • Entity: an entity refers to a person, organization, company, corporation or other group which attempts to organize under a common name and publish that name as an Internet domain name. With regard to PNINA, an entity is represented by the administrative contact as stated in the application for the registration of the domain name.
  • Registrant: a registrant is an entity which has registered a domain or in the process of registering one.
  • Registrar: a registrar is an entity having contractual relationship with PNINA to collect information and fees from Registrants and forward them to PNINA for data entry into the Registry database.
  • Application: an application is a form filled by a Registrant to request the registration, deletion or changing the status of a domain name under ps, the Palestinian ccTLD.
  • On-hold/Freeze Status: The domain name will stay registered within the .ps database but will not be accessible. The site, which this name points to, may not be reachable while the domain name is in this status.


  1. This document, referred to as the “.ps domain policy”, contains the policies and rules to be applied to registering, deleting or changing the status of names under ps, the Palestinian ccTLD.
  2. Domain Names under the .ps domain and the contents they point to, are considered virtual extensions of the Palestinian sovereignty with applicability of Palestinian law to the said extensions
  3. The .ps domain policy shall be governed by and constructed according to the Palestinian Law. The Palestinian Courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that may arise out of or in connection with the “.ps domain policy”.
  4. The .ps domain policy will take effect on the date of its publication on PNINA web page and will continue to be in effect until a new version of this policy is posted there.
  5. The .ps domain policy will periodically be reviewed for possible amendment.
  6. Any future amendment of this policy will not affect the status of names already registered with PNINA before such an amendment, with the exception of changes to fees that might change in the future.

3. Registration of Domain Names

  1. The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA) is the local Palestinian registry for ps, the Palestinian ccTLD.
  2. In principle, the registration of names under ps is open to any entity inside and outside Palestine. Within the 1st six (6) months of PNINA operation (starting the date in which this statement takes effect), however, the only entities allowed to register under ps are those with legal presence in Palestine.
  3. Domain Names may be registered for active usage (active names) or for inactive usage (reserved names, reserved for future use).
  4. An entity can register any number of domain names under the .ps domain.
  5. Only applications with correct and complete information will be considered for registration. All applications will be processed on equal basis and according to the first-come-first-serve principle.
  6. PNINA assumes no legal responsibility for loss-of-revenue due to delay of registration for applications with incomplete or incorrect information.
  7. Domain Names can be registered directly under the .PS domain or under one of the following chartered domains, namely:
    1. for educational Institutions.
    2. for institutions of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and the future state of Palestine.
    3. Palestinian schools.
    4., and for all entities such as commercial, network companies, ISPs, NGO’s and individuals.
  8. All entities seeking to register under the .ps domain must fill and submit an application through one of the Certified Registrars who in turn submit them directly to PNINA.
  9. The registered names must have the following format and satisfy some registration rules, as follows:
    1. The name needs to contain a minimum of one (1) and up to sixty three (63) alphanumeric characters per name. A character must be within the sets {a-z} and {0-9}. The only special character allowed in the name is the hyphen (-) but not as the first or last character.
    2. It is preferable that a registered name be strongly similar to the full name of the entity seeking to register this name or to the abbreviation of the entity’s name or reflects its function.
    3. The name cannt be any of the generic Top Level Domain names (edu, gov, com, net, org, mil etc) or the ccTLD of a country or any of the Palestinian chartered domain names (edu, gov, plo, com, net, org, sec etc).
    4. The domain name cannt be a registered local or international Trademark, Registered mark, Service mark or a well-known company name or its abbreviation, unless the Registrant is the owner of this Trademark, Service ark or company, in this case, a proof of ownership or legal rights to the name may be required.
    5. The name should not interfere with the rights of a third party.
    6. The name being registered should not be used for any unlawful purpose or activities not permitted by the Palestinian law.
    7. The name can’t be any of the excluded or protected ones as defined by PNINA in its protected names database. A broad categorization of these names is Palestinian geographic names, offensive and obscene names, religious names, famous names and natural (common) names. This rule applies to these types of names both in Arabic and English languages.
    8. Premium names are generic words and phrases that are registered at prices higher than the standard registration/renewal fees. The registration and renewal fees of such names can be found at PNINA website.
  10. It is the responsibility of the CR to inform his customers of any loss of status in relation to his certification with PNINA.
    1. If a Registrar is no longer certified from PNINA and was not able to transfer all domain names in his custody to another CR according to PNINAs transfer policy:
    2. PNINA will send an e-mail to the Registrants informing them that their domain name needs to be transferred within 30 days of the date of notification.
    3. If the Registrant designates a new CR, PNINA will charge the new CR the renewal fees when the domain registration period expires.
    4. If the Registrant does not choose another CR after the elapse of this 30 days notice, PNINA will put the domain in on-hold/freeze status for another 30 days and then delete the domain name within 60 days from the original notification date. All other registration or renewal rules and procedures will be applicable on the domain name during these periods.
  11. If a domain name is put in the on-hold/freeze status, the CR can restore the domain name to its original status at the request of the Registrant provided that the reactivation fee and other renewal fees are paid.

4. Rejection of Name Registration

  1. PNINA will notify registrants through the associated Certified Registrar of acceptance or rejection of the registration application. PNINA will reject domain name applications, other than format, if:
    1. Domain name doesn’t comply with the rules set in clause 3.9 above.
    2. Entries in the application form are incomplete.
    3. Domain name is identical to an already registered domain name.
    4. Domain name is one of the excluded or protected ones as defined by PNINA in its protected names database.
    5. Domain name does not comply with public ethics.
    6. Domain name is registered for purpose of financial gain and profit.
    7. Domain name infringes on the legal right of a third party.
  2. The rejection of a domain name for any reason does not create any rights (priority rights or other) for the applicant. The applicant may file a new application, in competition with anybody else, if that name later becomes available to the public.

5. Deletion of Domain Names

  1. To delete an active or inactive registration of a name, a request-to-delete form should be filled and forwarded to PNINA through the applicant’s Certified Registrar.
  2. Other reasons for deleting a registered name are :
    1. Failure to pay the initial registration fee for a domain
    2. Failure to pay the yearly renewal fee for a registered name after the elapse of a period of 30 days from the domain expiration date. The name will be put on-hold during this period. If payment is not received by the end of this period of time, the name will be deleted from the database.
    3. Failure to comply with PNINA rules and regulations.
    4. Complying with a Palestinian Court order.
  3. Certified Registrars will be notified of the expiration dates of their domains 30 days before that date is due and asked to pay renewal fees on time.
  4. Deleted domain names will become available for re-use by other applicants. The Registrant will not be notified.

6. Conflict of Domain Names

  1. For disputes over a domain name between two or more entities, PNINA exempts itself from all responsibilities concerning the verification of rights to a name.
  2. PNINA can act as arbitrator of disputes arising out of domain name conflicts under the agreement of both parties.
  3. PNINA will abide by all Palestinian Court orders without being named as party to a lawsuit.
  4. PNINA will not be liable for any interruption of business, or any direct or indirect damages of any kind (including losses of profits) or otherwise as a result of name disputes.
  5. The execution of a pending application for a disputed domain name will be suspended by PNINA in case of a conflict with another pending application or an already registered domain name, until the conflicting registrants present a signed and written settlement of the conflict or a court order.
  6. Acceptance of an application and registration of a domain name by PNINA does not endorse approval or support to submitted names of natural or legal identities, trade names or trademarks.
  7. PNINA will notify registrants in case of obvious name conflicts or when names are likely to conflict with another name, trade name, registered mark, service mark, etc.
  8. If legal action is taken regarding the use of a name, PNINA reserves the right to revoke, suspend or delete the name as it sees necessary.
  9. Domain names are transferable within the applicability of Palestinian law and PNINA rules and regulations.

7. Changing of Contact Information

  1. If a Registrant wishes to change the contact information, he/she can do so free of charge. However, a new Application form should be submitted to PNINA through the Applicant’s Certified Registrar.

8. Transfer of Domain Names

  1. The Domain delegation is personal and not transferable from a domain owner to a new domain owner unless the domain name is transferred with the business assets of the Registrant.
  2. Domain names can be transferred from certain CR to a new CR by a request from the new CR and a confirmation from the Registrant within 7 days from PNINA notification.
  3. Domain names can be transferred from certain CR to a new CR by a request from the Registrant and a confirmation from the new CR within 7 days from PNINA notification.
  4. A transfer fee will be charged to the new CR credit line with PNINA and the registration/renewal dates will be modified to reflect the new transfer date with the new CR.

9. Charges

  1. The initial registration fees, renewal fees and transfer fees for domains registered directly under ps and chartered domains are available through the Certified Registrars and their websites.
  2. The Registrant is aware that the CR acting on his behalf must pay the initial registration fees, renewal fees and transfer fees for the domains according to the service agreement between the CR and PNINA.
  3. The CR has access to PNINA’s DNS system in order to verify the status and expiration dates of the domain names that he manages. The CR is responsible for the timely exchange of information with the Registrant concerning the status and these critical dates.
  4. Changing contact information and DNS servers for a domain is Free.
  5. PNINA will NOT refund fees for any reason except for the unsuccessful registration of a domain name.
  6. The registration of a domain name is automatically extended into the following year unless the Registrant announces termination of it 30 days before its expiration date.
  7. Fees can be paid in US Dollars or its value in the local currency on the date of registration.
  8. Fees are subject to change by PNINA in accordance with the local and international conditions and regulations.
  9. PNINA is not responsible for the CR non-payment of registration, renewal or transfer fees, which may result in the non-registration, cancellation, rejection or freezing of the domain name (even if the Registrant has paid the CR).

10. Contact Information

The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA)

4th Floor, Gazi Elshawa Building,
Al Wehda Street
Gaza, Palestine
Tel: (970) 8 2861617
Fax: (970) 8 2861618
Email: [email protected]