How to register a .PS domain?

3 Simple Steps

1. Search for a domain

Enter your domain into the search field on whois service to see whether the domain is available, then click “search” on the right. If the domain is available, you are free to register it,Domains can only be registered through a registrar, which are resellers authorized by PNINA, take advantage of diversity of domains under .PS such as .COM.PS ,.NET.PS , .ORG.PS  and فلسطين.

2. Select a registrar

On the Registrars page ,  You will  see a list of suggestions of  registrars to choose among. We advise you to compare offers from several different registrars, and to decide whether you need to purchase such features as web hosting services and e-mail services along with the registration of your new domain.

3. Register directly

Once you have selected a .PS registrar,  Normally, you must pay an annual fee for the domain name registration, as well as any optional services that you may have selected. You will receive a confirmation of the registration of your new domain name by e-mail to the Email address that you listed in the Registration or provided to a Registrar. Now you’re done!

“Anyone, Palestinians and non-Palestinians, from businesses to organizations to individuals, can register a .ps domain name”