Domain Transfer

A registrant is able to change registrars (also called a Transfer) at any time ,  A registrant have to pay a transfer fee to New registrar ,The following is a detailed description of how  it is done.

By using Authorization Code:

  1. The registrant contacts his domain registrar to obtain a (authorization code). The registrar verifies that it is the registrant that is requesting the authorization code and then generates the code, which is given to the registrant.
  2. The registrant contacts the new registrar and provides the authorization code according to the new registrar’s process.

Without using Authorization Code:

  1. The new registrar initiates Transfer request through .PS Registry system.
  2.  Former registrar receive a Transfer request  has the option approve/reject request.

 Please, note that any administrative, technical and/or billing contact will be removed when the change of registrar is executed. If you like to state an administrative, technical and/or billing contact after the change, please, contact your New Registrar for further assistance.

Instructions for Registrars:
  • Domain transfer process is usually carried out without PNINA interference.
  • The Registrar has to provide the Registrant/owner with his domain authorization code .
  • It’s not allowed for  The Registrar to reject the transfer request executed by another Registrar who had authorization from the owner.
  • The Registrar has to inform PNINA with legal reasons for any delay/ rejection of  transfer request or Authorization Code detention .



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