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.PS domain registry offers vast and exciting opportunities for registering unique and memorable names. The best names tend to be easy to say, easy to remember and easy to key into the Internet address box. Take advantage of this opportunity to stake your Internet claim before competitors.

Protect your Brand

Your domain is your trademark, Companies that underestimate this factor run the risk of wasting the investments they have made over time to build their trademark’s image and reputation , The .ps address positions you with Palestine brand leaders.

Promote Palestine

Whether you reside in, or are linked to Palestine, .ps advertises your connection. Your country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .ps communicates the Palestinian identity. As one of the Middle East region’s fastest-growing Internet communities, The .ps address positions you with Palestine brand leaders.

What is a Premium Domain Name?

Premium domain names are generic , high value and easily marketable names.

Stand out from the crowd

Other Top Level Domains (TLDs) are associated with commercial business or organisational and has no geography associated with it. The .ps domain allow you to move away from anonymity and sameness.

Brands & Trademarks ™ Under .PS

.PS Domains position you with Global brand leaders.

Our Mission Statement

To be the non-governmental self-regulatory body for managing the Palestinian ccTLDs by maintaining and promoting the operational and financial stability, and the utilisation of those national resources to the best interest of the Palestinian people.

Cyber-safety Education Initative

  The Palestinian Cyber-smart program is a national cyber-safety education initiative. The program aims to give children, their parents, teachers and carers sound advice on how to best manage online risks so their experiences are safe and positive,national cyber-safety initiative The page is under construction.

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Capacity Building Program

Articles, Shows, Videos about new trends in web site development and Internet applications collected from valuable resources over the Internet to help Internet professionals improve their skills to international standards. These resources are integral part of PNINA’s NICE initiative, The page is Under Construction.

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The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority, PNINA
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